aka THE SECOND WORLD WAR CARDS by Edito-Service, 1977
The Second World War cards (also known as World War II cards) werre released by Edito-Service
cards in 1977 through mail subscription and have been out of print since 1978 or 1979 (the
subscriptions were available in 1978 and 1979 but all cards are Copyright 1977, Edito Service, S.A.
Geneva Printed in Italy).  The cards measure approximately 4 5/8 x 4 3/4 inches (12 x 12.5 cm) and
they are in English and in full color (some images are naturally black and white).  The back of each
card includes a great history of the person, weapon, vehicle or event that is depicted on the front.

These subscription cards were delivered to buyers by mail in "decks" sent every few weeks.  The
buyer could then remit payment which would continue the subscription.  These cards were never sold
as a complete set, only by subscribing could you accumulate some or all of these cards.  There are 106
decks of 24 cards in each deck for a total of 2,544 cards.  The decks are numbered 01 to 88 and then
jumps to 101 to 118 for a total of 106 decks.  The cards are numbered 01 to 24 in each deck.  The back
of the card is marked in the lower right with the card number which has the 5-digit pre-fix 13-036 then
the DECK number followed by the CARD number, so the card numbers read 13-036 ddd-cc (ddd=
Deck number, cc=card number).
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Above is a sample of what the back of the cards look like, click
on the image to view a larger version of the image.
Card Size: 4 5/8 x 4 3/4"
# of Decks: 106
# of Cards per deck: 24
Total number of cards: 2,544
Original Storage included with
Subscription: Plastic Trays