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This set of subscription cards is well-known in the sports card world as Sportscaster cards and are documented by Beckett sports publications
among others and is most likely the largest multi-sport card set of all-time.  (Also known sometimes as Focus on Sports Cards)  The cards were
available in several languages Worldwide in the late 1970s.  A basic rundown is like this:

USA / NORTH AMERICA SET: Set Number 03 005 --- 1977-1979 Editions Rencontre (DECKS 01-88, 101-103)

UNITED KINGDOM / GREAT BRITAIN SET: # 13 064 --- 1977-1980 Editions Rencontre (DECKS 01-88, 101-103 BUT MANY DIFFERENT CARDS FROM

FRANCE / FRENCH SET: # 16-265 --- 1976-1980 Editions Rencontre (DECKS 01-88 and 101-124)

SWEDEN / SWEDISH SET: # 47-021 --- 1977-1982 Editions Rencontre (DECKS 01-76)

FINLAND / FINNISH SET: No set number cards are numbered accumulatively with deck numbers so 1-1 to 1-24, then 2-25 to 2-48 and so on up to at least
115 decks and 2,760 cards)

GERMANY / GERMAN SET: # 17-033 --- 1977-1979 Editions Rencontre (DECKS 01-88, 101-106)

ITALY / ITALIAN SET: # 833 1976-1978 maybe longer, very rare set.  Also an accumulative set from card 1-1 up to at least deck 37 and card 888.

BELGIUM / BELGIAN SET: # 0086/1030 --- 1977-1978 or longer, runs accumulative from 1-1 up to at least deck 70 and card 1680.

DENMARK / DANISH SET: Not much is known at this time about this rarest of Sportscaster sets.

This card set covers all aspects of sports including Track and Field, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Olympics, Beyond Sports
(important places, events and people beyond the actual playing field), Karate and other martial arts, Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Figure
Skating, Speed Skating, Diving, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Cycling, Auto and Motorcycle racing cars and drivers, Rugby, Australian Rules
Football, Gymnastics, Horse Racing and Equestrian sports, Sculling, Yachting, Table Tennis, historical sports and so much more!

The cards are numbered on the back with a 5-digit pre-code followed by the 4-digit card number.  EXAMPLE:  03 005 01-01 (which is Card
number 01-01 in the North America set).  After the 5-digit pre-code is the card number which is dd-cc (dd= Deck number in the USA set:  01 to
88, 101 to 103 and cc= Card number 01 to 24 in each deck).  Many of the sets Worldwide have several printings, for instance the USA set has
SOME decks that have up to 4 printings, noted by a BOLD A, B, C in the copyright line are 2nd, 3rd and 4th prints, but NO BOLD LETTER
IN THE COPYRIGHT LINE is a First Printing.
Click on the image above to view a large
sample of what the card backs look like.
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Card Size: 4 11/16 x 6 1/4"
# of cards per deck: 24
Total number of cards: 2,184 in the NORTH AMERICAN SET
Storage that was included with subscription: Plastic Trays