My Great Recipes cards:

My Great Recipes were released in 3 different sets between 1984 and 1986 although
the sets are different they do contain many of the same cards from one set to another
however there are also many different cards in each set that are found in that set
only.  The four sets are all on white cards and all are in English, below is an outline
of the 4 different sets.  All sets were subscription cards and they were shipped by mail
to subscribers every few weeks in "decks" of 24 cards.

SET 1: The first set was released in 1984 and 1985 by My Great Recipes and on the
front bottom of the cards it says either Printed in W.Germany or Printed in Holland
(they were printed in both countries).  Also on the back lower left there is a number
with the prefix UR and reads UR-ddd (ddd= deck number, there were 88 decks so the
cards read UR-001 to UR-088).  The card number is on the lower right of the card
back.  There were 88 decks of 24 cards for a total of 2,112 cards.

SET 2: The 2nd set is the same as the first for the most part, except the deck number
on the back says NR-ddd (ddd= deck number) instead of UR-ddd.  The NR set was
released in 1985 and 1986 and they were Printed in Holland.  There was also 54
jumbo cards titled My Great Hints and Tips that were included in this subscription.  
There were 54 decks of 24 cards for a total of 1,296 plus the 54 jumbo cards.

SET 3: This set is known as the "Packet" set, since on the card backs it says
PACKET before the Deck number instead of NR or UR.  This set is from 1984 and
1985 and was the largest set with a massive 142 decks of 24 cards for a total of 3,408
cards.  There may not be a Deck 001, as we have never seen one, so perhaps there are
only 3,384 cards.  This set also came with a 54-card deck of jumbo cards titled My
Great Hints and Tips and this may be considered Deck 1 but it is not identified as


The BLUE RIBBON set, this set was titled the Blue Ribbon set and it is not known at
this time how many cards were in the set, but it did come with a plastic tray for
storage and dividers and the cards look the same for the most part as the other 3 My
Great Recipe sets, so there are likely over 1000 cards in the set.

BETTY CROCKER RECIPE CARD LIBRARY SET, this set was released in 1971
and was issued with a plastic bin, there are approximately 1000-1200 cards in the
complete set.
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