1978 AUTO RALLY CARDS by Edito-Service
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1978 Auto Rally cards is the most comprehensive of all automobilia card sets, covering cars, trucks, motorcycles,
drivers, builders and invertors, events and important dates and places, military vehilcles, the future of vehicles and so
much more.
The cards measure 4.75 x 4.75 inches (12 x 12 cm) and they are printed on glossy card stock in full color.  The cards
are marked 1978, Edito-Service S.A. Geneva, Printed in Italy and the cards are in English.  The back of each card has
a detailed history or story about the vehicle, person or event pictured on the front.

These subscription cards were delivered to buyers in "decks" sent every week or few weeks.  The buyer could then
remit payment which would continue the subscription.  These cards were never sold as a complete set or at retail, the
only way to accumulate some of all of these cards was to subscribe in 1978.  There are 64 decks (or packets) of cards
with 24 cards in each packet for a total of 1,536 cards.  The cards are all numbered on the back with a 5-digit pre-code
which was the set code from Edito-Service, followed by the deck number and the card number:

13-067-dd-cc (13-067 = the Auto Rally set pre-code, dd= Deck number and cc= Card number).
Card Size: 4.75 x 4.75 inches
# of Decks: 64
# of cards per deck: 24
Total number of cards: 1,536
Storage Included: Plastic Trays
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Above is a sample of what the back of the cards look
like, click on the image to view a larger and clearer